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Falconers are essentially observers of nature and most certainly, in the majority of cases, are very much conservationists at heart. That is why when Bob first put out the idea to gather anecdotes and produce them in book form and use the proceeds to help the Lugger Falcon (Falco Jugger) the response from the falconry community, both here in the UK and from across the world, was immediate and positive. So much so in fact that almost immediately it was decided to produce two volumes so as to encompass all the material gathered. More than fifty falconers responded enthusiastically to the call to help.

So here is the first volume of “A Falconry Anthology” and what a varied mixture of work it is, but all relating to raptors and falconry. Enjoy the anecdotes and also enjoy the fact that this book will directly help the work being done to help the Lugger Falcon in the Wild.

A Falconry Anthology Volume 1

  • Hardback book with dust jacket.

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