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Gilbert Blaine must surely be the doyen amongst the falconers of the last century and even today his style and technical ability in the very precise and exacting sport of Falconry are what many would and indeed should aspire to.


He was a gifted all round falconer but it is when relating his thoughts on flying his beloved Peregrines, both out of the hood and with waiting on flights over his home bred Setters, that he seems to make his writing come truly alive. It is easy to perceive this when reading his words that are as relevant and as much to the point today as when they were first written some almost eighty years ago.


The original work has been enhanced through the addition of some rarely seen photos of Blaine himself. This really is a modern classic filled with countless pearls of wisdom from a man who lived his sport and carried out it in an exemplary fashion.

Falconry – Gilbert Blaine - Standard Edition


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