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Ronnie Moore is one of those falconers that has always seemed to be around and everyone has their own particular “Ronnie” story. He is a figure very well known and exceedingly well respected throughout the falconry world. In fact it would probably be truer to say throughout the world of country sports. He is primarily known for his skill with hawks, falcons and eagles. However he has very valuable experience in the world of field trials as well as with a rod, fly and line on the Hampshire chalk streams. He is truly the epitome of the sporting gentleman. It could be said that ever a single word was required to sum Ronnie up succinctly then the word would indeed be “Gentleman”. But he will probably always be remembered for his partnership with “Ailsa” his female Golden Eagle with whom he had a working relationship for some twenty eight years. It is a blessing that this book is finally in print and will be a fitting tribute to a rather special man and the passion that burned within him for most of his life.

Memoirs of a Hunting Falconer - Standard Edition

SKU: RM470
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