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At long last a combined monograph on an often overlooked species as well as the story of one man’s fight to try and save this beautiful falcon. A book were both parts intertwine and bring forth first-hand knowledge gained over a fifty year plus period.


Read in detail the life of the wild lugger Falcon and the pressures it faces on a  day to day basis. Read the discovery by Bob Dalton that the species was in serious decline and how he started Project Lugger in an effort to try and stem the decline and work towards a re-introduction of the species. A struggle that is very much on going and that hopefully monies raised by this book will help with the vital work.


The book is A4, 256 pages with stunning pictures and illustrations, full colour, casebound with dust jacket (different to the standard version), limited to 50 copies with a custom box, signed and numbered bookplate and  a set of three Lugger prints also numbered (same number as the book).

The Lugger Falcon – A Personal Passion - Deluxe Edition


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